I think I might've gotten a whisper of desire.
Johnny Rose[src]

"A Whisper of Desire" is the seventh episode in the fifth season of Schitt's Creek. It is the fifty-ninth episode overall.

Plot Summary

Ted's mother, Cheryl Mullens, is coming to Schitt's Creek for an impromptu visit and staying at the motel gratis. Johnny is surprised to see upon her arrival that she has lost a lot of weight and has a seemingly new joy for life. He also believes that joy includes subtle or not so subtle flirtations with him. Johnny is placed between a rock and hard place as although he doesn't want to do anything to encourage Cheryl, he also has to act the good host for Alexis' possible future in-law. Johnny's apprehension to be around Cheryl is increased when he discovers that she and her current husband are now separated, which may affect how he approaches his time with her. Meanwhile, Jocelyn is directing a community theatre production of Cabaret. Finding out about it, Moira can't help but insert herself into the production as she considers Cabaret her first stage success which led to her stint in show business. Jocelyn may have had ulterior motives in choosing Cabaret as the production as opposed to "controversial Cats". And with Patrick auditioning, David is left by himself at the store. His day takes a turn when Roland brings Roland Jr. in, and at the last second has to leave the baby at the store while Roland attends to an emergency. Roland Jr.'s presence at the store affects the important business meeting David has scheduled with a potential new corporate client.



Guest Starring:


  • Hannah Cheesman as Tina Holbridge
  • Cherie D'Elia as Beth
  • Devon Hauth as Casting Assistant
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