Alexis Claire[1] Rose is the wealthy daughter of Johnny and Moira, and a well-known socialite whose many relationships with high-powered men made her a world traveler, minor celebrity, and occasional party to illegal activity. She is a main character on Schitt's Creek.

Character Description

Now that Alexis is stuck in Schitt's Creek, her dating options are limited, but she does spend time with a rugged local named Mutt while serving community service for accidentally entering the Prada store inside a car. Alexis is kindhearted to a fault, which means that she's often juggling multiple relationships, and she loves to gossip about other people's lives, but she has nothing but good things to say about herself.


While Alexis's busy social life left her little time to explore a career, she did work briefly as a child actor with her brother David, and she also started her own line of edible nail polish, with flavors like “Passionate Pomegranate” and “Sexy Sage”.

Alexis finds herself reevaluating her priorities and coming to terms with her own shortcomings. As she works as an assistant for her ex-fiance, Ted, she strives to make up for the things she missed while she was travelling the world, starting with completing her education.

By completing high school, Alexis doesn’t waste a minute and jumps full steam ahead into a college program. She quickly begins to put her marketing skills to use around the motel, starts her very own PR firm (Alexis Rose Communications), and buries herself in organizing a Singles Week for the town. Alexis is used to getting whatever and whomever she wants, but for the first time, she’s learning that she has to earn it, and it’s not as easy as it looks.

After reuniting with her on-again-off-again boyfriend, Ted, Alexis is truly thriving in Schitt’s Creek. She’s even begun to appreciate all of the time she spends with the family, and instead of looking for the first ticket out, she’s starts to feel that she might actually miss the other Roses if she left. Alexis surprises everyone when she agrees to make a big change in her life for Ted—a sacrifice that shows she has come a long way from the old Alexis.


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