In the meantime, please, eat, drink, to your possible beauty!
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"Allez-Vous" is the eighth episode in the first season of Schitt's Creek. It is the eighth episode overall.

Plot Summary

Moira is excited when she receives a package from one of her old friends, Justine St. Pierre, believing that this move is the first step in her friends reaching out in support. In reality, it is a starter kit for Justine's pyramid scheme door-to-door sales cosmetics company, Allez-Vous. Despite their abhorrence of being Allez-Vous reps, Moira and David are attracted to the lure of seemingly easy money as advertised through the glossy training video, and decide to be the Allez-Vous reps in Schitt's Creek. Their initial Allez-Vous get together with the women they know in Schitt's Creek ends up being an illuminating experience. Meanwhile, Johnny is trying to make his way to Elmdale, but doesn't want to divulge the reason why: he is applying for employment insurance. He finds trying to get a car to drive himself a difficult enough task. And Alexis believes Ted is too much of a nice guy, and wants him to toughen up and be meaner, except to her.



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