Have you ever tried Café Tropical? I’ve heard people raving about how moderately edible the food is there.
Patrick Brewer

The Café Tropical is a restaurant located in Schitt's Creek.

It serves standard café food, but also specializes in a number options such as Mexican and Mediterranean cuisine. The café also puts "Hawaiian" next to most dishes on the menu to give the food more of a tropical feeling. For vegetarians, meat can be removed from most dishes.

Owner and waitress Twyla Sands is known for her singular creations served at the cafe, such as the "Surprise-Me-Smoothie" and the "Greens-Free Salad". On Tuesday nights, there is Group Sudoku with Gwen Currie. The café was family owned since 1947 until bought out by Twyla in August of 2018.






  1. Mentioned in Merry Christmas, Johnny Rose
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