The Funeral of Carl Currie took place shortly after his suicide via hanging from a ceiling fan. The service took place in a church in Schitt's Creek, and was attended by many of Carl's family and friends. Included in the service was an excerpt from Breaking Dawn read by Shannon, a eulogy delivered by Johnny Rose, and a performance of Danny Boy by Moira Rose.

After the funeral, a reception was held at the Town Hall.


Johnny's Eulogy

Carl. What to say about Carl? Once so full of life and now lying very, very close to me. What a terrible thing death is, and yet, for Carl, pretty much an all-consuming thing at this point. He was a- he was a man who loved a good sweater I'm told. And he loved the feel of big tool in his hand, am I right, Bob? And I wonder, when Carl was spinning around on that ceiling fan that he was so very proud of, was he ever thinking of this town where he was born where he lived, and where he died- where he died. But I'm not up here today to speak about dying in Schitt's Creek. I'm here- I'm-... Well I am here to talk about dying in Schitt's Creek! I'm here to talk about the misery of our lives here and how we might never escape this place, and how we do not wanna end up in a coffin, like Carl, here in this godforsaken- [is cut off by Moira's "Danny Boy"].
Johnny Rose