The Herb Ertlinger Winery is a small, local winery in Schitt's Creek that specializes in fruit wines and owned by Herb Ertlinger. Actress Moira Rose served briefly as a spokesperson for the winery.

Moira was later used again to promote the new Moira Rosé after the release and success of her new Crows film.


Moira Rose's commercial

In the lee of a picturesque ridge lies a small, unpretentious winery, one that pampers its fruit like its own babies. Hi, I’m Moira Rose, and if you love fruit wine as much as I do, then you’ll appreciate the craftsmanship and quality of a local vintner who brings the musk melon goodness to his oak Chardonnay, and the dazzling peach cral-bapple to his Riesling Rioja. Come taste the difference good fruit can make in your wine. You’ll remember the experience and you’ll remember the name. Herb Erfling … ger. Burt Herngeif. Irv Herb-blinger. Bing Livehaanger. Liveling. Burt Herkurn. Ban bingo ling-fucker!
Moira Rose's drunk television commercial promoting the winery.



  • The winery is mentioned to be located next to a landfill.
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