Jake is a polyamorous and open-minded furniture maker who dates both David and Stevie simultaneously.


Although Stevie and David both claim to be comfortable with dating Jake at the same time, they are clearing dealing with jealousy and insecurity. Jake, on the other hand, assumes that everyone is on the same page, believes David and Stevie when they say they are happy, and is unapologetic about his sexual nonconformity. However, it isn’t until he proposes that they become a throuple and Stevie and David both flee.

In season 4, we learn that Stevie is still secretly dating Jake; She claims that it isn't serious.

Later, in season 6, he invites David and Patrick to his house for a "whiskey or whatever." David and Patrick go, only to leave when they discover Jake is hosting what may be an orgy and Stevie is one of the many guests present.


By nature, Jake is known for being overtly amorous, ever-charming, extremely loose, and affectionate to anything with two legs, and is always down for a relationship consisting of more than two people. He also plays to his strengths — his strengths mainly being lowcut tank tops and sexual innuendos.


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