Jocelyn Schitt (née Brown) is the wife of Roland, the town's mayor. She is a main character on Schitt's Creek.

Character Description

Considering herself to be the First Lady of Schitt's Creek, she acts as the de-facto leader of its lady citizens. Jocelyn is determined to make Moira Rose the latest addition to her circle of friends, whether Moira likes it or not.


As a teacher at the Schitt's Creek High School, she struggles at times to earn the respect of her students, but she takes pleasure in being the object of sexual fantasy for a number of boys in her classroom.

Jocelyn is so popular that “The Jocelyn” is a hairstyle available at Jeanine's Salon, and like Jocelyn, it's blonde, bouncy and a little overblown. Jocelyn wants only to please everyone, often at the expense of her own sanity. She is also an integral member of the local all-female a capella group, the Jazzagals.

In season four Jocelyn gets a happy surprise, but it has also added stress, especially since Roland becomes needier than ever under these circumstances. She is grateful for the Roses, who are becoming more and more like family.

by season five Jocelyn’s second baby has given her a new outlook, and she’s not putting up with any nonsense anymore. She starts to peel back her cheerful exterior and show the real Jocelyn: an over-worked mom with a bit of a temper, who’s running on no sleep. Moira, impressed by this newly unleashed Jocelyn, encourages her let it all out and let loose with her girlfriends—something Jocelyn desperately needs.


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  • Jocelyn is allergic to coconut; it causes her face to rash up whenever she nears it.
  • She is a published author, having written "Getting Dirty With My Hoes", a new take on winter flora and fauna.
  • According to Jocelyn, in Asbestos Fest, she and Roland have been married for 27 years.


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