John Michael[1] "Johnny" Rose is the ex-CEO of Rose Video, the nation’s largest chain of video rental stores and the current co-owner of the Rosebud Motel. He is a main character on Schitt's Creek.

Character Description

Once proud of his reputation for spending money as fast as he made it with his business, now, his easy-going attitude and good temperament are tested, as he not only tries to rebuild his family’s financial empire, but his family as well.


As the founder and CEO of a hugely successful video rental store, Rose Video, Johnny Rose never made a bad business decision in his life. Except for the decision to hire a business manager who would ultimately screw Johnny and his family out of their entire fortune and livelihood. Fortunately, the government allowed Johnny to retain ownership of the town of Schitt's Creek, which he jokingly bought for his son David as a birthday present. Now that he and his family are living in Schitt's Creek, Johnny is determined to rebuild his image as a polished businessman and leader, encouraging the Roses to avoid “low- bottom” behavior, and aspiring to raise the town from its current “cheap-ass” status. Deeply loving of his wife Moira, and fiercely protective of his children David and Alexis, Johnny remains the head of the household, even if that household consists of adjoining rooms at a rundown motel.

He struggles to adjust to his new life, and when his role as the family breadwinner is called into question, Johnny doubles down on his efforts to re-enter the business world and build a new life for his family.

By season 5, Johnny feels right at home at the helm of the Rosebud Motel with his business partner, Stevie. And as the motel receives increasing recognition and acclaim, Johnny is starting to feel like his old self: filled with purpose and pride. Johnny continues to cherish and support his loved ones in every way, even if it means taking out a line of credit to enable Moira’s spending habits. Of course, Johnny still has his sights set on leaving Schitt’s Creek, but he’s in no rush; as a man of principles, he’s willing to put in the time to build back his business and name.


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