Councilor Moira Rose is the loving wife of Johnny and a former soap opera actress. She is a main character on Schitt's Creek.

Character Description

Once she was the former star of a once-popular daytime soap opera, Sunrise Bay, where Moira's character Vivien Blake was best known for boldly slapping other characters when they got out of line. But now Moira has received her own slap in the face, having lost her fortune and most of her personal belongings, except for an extensive, and expensive, collection of eccentric outfits and individually named wigs.


Moira has been happily married to Johnny ever since she was invited to cut the ribbon at one of his video store openings during her acting heyday. Having enjoyed a career that spanned from the late-80s to the early-90s, Moira still possesses a flair for the dramatic and is not afraid to show off her sultry singing voice. She can often be found with a martini in hand, which she might enjoy with an olive or, if she has happened to Google herself that day, with a dash of anti-depressants. Despite being an experienced fundraiser who no longer has any funds for herself, Moira remains the strong and spirited matriarch of the Rose family.

Moira carries herself with an often unwarranted confidence and poise. She still clings to her former celebrity, but also finds her gregarious nature equally suited to her new role on the Town Council, where she is determined to change the town for the better, or at least more adequately suited to her own needs.

She continues to use her platform on Town Council to push for events that will put Schitt’s Creek on the map. Due to proximity and free time, Moira has become more involved with her children’s lives and is proud to see how ambitious and determined they’ve both become. 

Moira believes she has much to bestow upon the community in terms of art and culture. Fittingly, she quickly finds herself directing a local production of Cabaret, a musical that hits close to home. With the exception of a much-needed romantic getaway with Johnny, and some (limited) quality time with the children, Moira throws all of her energy into the musical. It serves as a great distraction from waiting to hear about the Crows premiere date, and she can hardly contain her energy; for the first time since arriving in Schitt’s Creek, she has a clear escape.


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