Patrick Brewer is David's fiancé and business partner at the Rose Apothecary. He is a main character on Schitt's Creek.

Character Description

Thoughtful, practical, and business-savvy, Patrick perfectly complements David's creative energy.


As David's newly minted boyfriend, Patrick tries his best to navigate through this relationship which needs much love and attention. However, Patrick is not as squeaky clean as David once thought; he too has some emotional baggage, which pops up unexpectedly and forces the couple to examine their relationship.

In season 3, he was a topic of discussion between Stevie and David while the latter was establishing his new apothecary; Topics dealing with Patrick's sexuality and whether he had feelings for David or not. These rumors prove to be true when David kissed Patrick and he reveals how glad he is for that kiss to had happened.

In Season 4, Patrick becomes comfortable with his sexuality and blossoming feelings for David. His romantic gestures, including monthly anniversary gifts and serenading David at the store's open mic night, are met with a mixed reaction from the ever-insecure David. Just as David begins to fully trust Patrick, things briefly go awry when Patrick's ex-fiancee Rachel turns up at a Rose family barbeque. This causes David to retreat for a short time. Eventually, David and Patrick reunite but not before Patrick has stood up for himself and prompted David to his own romantic gesture.  

Season 5 sees Patrick settling in in Schitt's Creek and becoming a member of the community beyond just as David's boyfriend and business partner. He moves out of Ray's and gets his own apartment, throwing a Housewarming party. He also participates in an amateur baseball league and gets a major role in Moira's community theatre production. David, of course, remains a priority but the two men still have some things to negotiate in their relationship, especially as David decides it's time to Meet the Parents.  


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