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Patrick Brewer is David's husband, and business partner at the Rose Apothecary. He is a main character on Schitt's Creek.

Character Description

Thoughtful, practical, and business-savvy, Patrick perfectly complements David's creative energy.


Patrick first appears in season 3, when David is establishing his new apothecary. A professional assisting with business licensing, he shows interest in David's business. Alexis suggests to David that Patrick's interest is in more than just the business. Patrick is then a topic of discussion between Stevie and David; concerning his sexuality, and whether or not he has feelings for David. These suspicions prove to be true when David kisses Patrick, and Patrick reveals how glad he was for that kiss to have happened.

In Season 4, as David's newly minted boyfriend, Patrick tries his best to navigate through this relationship which needs much love and attention. As Patrick becomes comfortable with his sexuality and blossoming feelings for David, his romantic gestures, (including monthly anniversary gifts and serenading David at the store's open mic night), are met with a mixed reaction from the ever-insecure David. Just as David begins to fully trust Patrick, things briefly go awry when Patrick's ex-fiancée Rachel turns up at a Rose family barbeque. This causes David to retreat for a short time. Eventually, David and Patrick reunite but not before Patrick has stood up for himself and prompted David to his own romantic gesture.

Season 5 sees Patrick settling into Schitt's Creek, and becoming a member of the community beyond just as David's boyfriend and business partner. He moves out of Ray's, gets his own apartment, and throws a Housewarming party. He also participates in an amateur baseball league, and gets a major role in Moira's community theatre production of Cabaret. David, of course, remains a priority but the two men still have some things to negotiate in their relationship, especially as David decides it's time to Meet the Parents. Fortunately, they are loving and accepting, even as Patrick finds it hard to tell them for fear it will change how they see him. Some time after this, Patrick takes a reluctant and whiney David on a hike to a beautiful view, and Patrick tells David he used to come there often when they first met to contemplate his growing feelings for David. He then gets on one knee and proposes, which David accepts. The two later would marry at the end of season six in Happy Ending.


The normally confident and even-tempered "straight man" of the show, Patrick will often go into a jealous huff. For example when he sees a drunken Ted kiss David during spin the bottle. Luckily, David and Patrick talk things out, but only after Patrick and Alexis share a ridiculously awkward kiss in revenge. He is also seen to be a bit competitive. This is shown during the baseball game, and during his and David's escape room bachelor party

Patrick is very much a nice guy: David admits that it is new to him to be attracted to someone as nice as Patrick. He is also very much the Johnny to David's Moira, becoming the sanest person of the younger generation even though he has his quirks.

Patrick also has poor communication skills, and though he is usually good at expressing himself, when it comes to the big stuff he can be reticent to rock the boat. He didn't make it explicitly clear that he and David's first date was a date, and he needed David to make the first move. He also neglected to tell David he had recently been engaged to a woman, and he didn't come out to his parents right away. Luckily, David learns to be understanding and forgiving about this.


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  • Patrick attended an all-boys high school. However, since it is stated that he was high school sweethearts with Rachel, it is implied she went to a different high school during their relationship.