Councilor Veronica "Ronnie" Lee is a town councilor who isn't too fond of the Rose family at first. She is a recurring character on Schitt's Creek.


In the first season, Ronnie oversaw Alexis' involvement in community service, though in general she feels that the Roses are more of a disservice to the community. And when Ronnie snarks on the Rose family, she's usually in the right. Her sassiness is usually expressed in glares and eye rolls, but she always makes it plain that she has no time for any of the Roses' shenanigans.

In season five, Ronnie becomes an arch-nemesis to Patrick after he mishandles a complaint about her renovations of the Rose Apothecary bathroom. She later develops a rivalry with Patrick over baseball.

She Serves as Bob's wingman in season six, along with Roland and Johnny. She does better at the bar than Bob, picking up a woman, Vanessa.


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  • The town has an outdoor tennis court named after her.


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