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The Rose Family was a once wealthy and affluent family who took up residence in the small town of Schitt's Creek. For three years they lived in the Rosebud Motel, a motel in which they own.


Years ago, Johnny Rose invested his entire savings, $2,000, into a video rental business called Rose Video. Rose Video eventually expanded to become one of the largest video rental store companies in North America, leaving Johnny with a sizable fortune. During this period, Johnny met his future wife, Moira, at a Rose Video store opening. Moira formerly starred as Vivien Blake on Sunrise Bay, a once-popular daytime soap opera, which gave the family even more money and a large social standing as minor celebrities and socialites. Together, Johnny and Moira had two children: David and Alexis. The family lived in a large mansion (presumably in Los Angeles), and had a household staff of twelve, including cook's Wolfgang and Adelina, and chambermaid’s Marisa and Valentina.

After decades at the helm, Johnny's time as CEO of Rose Video came to an abrupt end when he was informed that his business manager, Eli, had been embezzling money from the company for years instead of paying taxes, and the government had no choice but to repossess all of his assets -- save for the town of Schitt's Creek, which he jokingly bought for David as a birthday present in 1991. For approximately three years the family took up residence in the Schitt's Creek Motel, a small run-down lodging within the town.

While in Schitt's Creek, the family gained quite prominent positions within society: Moira becoming a member of the Town Council, Johnny becoming the co-owner of the Schitt's Creek Motel (now the Rosebud Motel), David opening up his own small-business, the Rose Apothecary, and Alexis creating her own public relations venture, Alexis Rose Communications.

Currently, following the success and regional expansion of the Johnny’s Rosebud Motel Group thanks to the help of co-owner’s Stevie Budd and Roland Schitt, and with Moira’s rave reviewed Crows film and return to television in a revival of Sunrise Bay, both Johnny and Moira have left Schitt’s Creek for Los Angeles. Alexis has moved to New York City to grow her public relations company, and newly-married David and husband and business partner Patrick have chosen to stay in Schitt’s Creek to run Rose Apothecary, as well as buy a house within the town.

Family members

  • Johnny Rose — John "Johnny" is the husband of Moira Rose and the father of David and Alexis Rose. He is also a business man, who, before his business manager stole everything, previously served as the founder and CEO of the chain of successful video rental stores, Rose Video. Fortunately, he retained ownership of the town of Schitt's Creek. He currently, along with Stevie Budd and Roland Schitt, co-owns the Rosebud Motel.
  • Moira Rose — Moira is the wife of Johnny Rose and the mother of David and Alexis Rose. She is an actress, most known for starring as Vivien Blake on Sunrise Bay. She formerly served as a councilor on the Schitt's Creek town council.
  • David Rose — David is the son of Johnny and Moira Rose, the older brother of Alexis Rose, and the husband to Patrick Brewer. He is the official owner of the town of Schitt's Creek and the co-owner of the Rose Apothecary. He previously worked as a New York gallerist.
    • Patrick Brewer — Patrick is David's husband and a co-owner of the Rose Apothecary.
  • Alexis Rose — Alexis is the daughter of Johnny and Moira, and the younger sister of David Rose. She is a former socialite and previously worked as a receptionist at Ted's Veterinary Clinic. She currently serves as the CEO of Alexis Rose Communications, her own public relations business.


  • The Rose family partakes in both Jewish and Christian practices.
    • David and Alexis were raised celebrating Christmas because of this.