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Where every stay, feels like home.
— Slogan

The Rosebud Motel, formerly called the Schitt's Creek Motel, is a motel located in Schitt's Creek.

The motel offers a wide range of accommodations, from rooms with two beds, to rooms with one, to rooms with one or two beds and the option of a cot. Beds have box spring-supported mattresses, and each room has a round-screened television. A continental breakfast of pastries and coffee is available in the morning.

At the Regional Hospitality Awards ("The Hospies"), the motel won the award for Best Customer's Service in a Motel Under 20 Units.


Known Motel Guests



  • Maureen Budd (owner)
  • "Nana" Budd (employee)


The Rosebud Motel is a must-stay for any road-tripper, or weary traveler. This charming, lovingly restored, roadside motel is a welcome pit-stop for anyone looking for a clean room, and first-rate hospitality. In fact, Johnny Rose and his Guest Services manager, will go almost too far out of their way to ensure a pleasant stay.
Emir Kaplan's blog review of the motel.