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Sunrise Bay was a former day-time television soap opera previously starring Moira Rose and Clifton Sparks among many other stars, and produced by Tippy Bernstein.

The mentioning of Sunrise Bay and all that has to do with the show's plot, setting, and characters, specifically Moira Rose's “Vivien Blake”, is a running gag on Schitt's Creek.


Set in the town of Sunrise Bay, a coastal community plagued by a centuries-old curse, the show follows the medical staff of Sunrise General, predominantly head of surgery, Vivien Blake.

Known Cast and Crew




  • Moira Rose was drunk for most of season three, half of season four, and at the end of season five.[2]
  • Moira Rose’s Vivien Blake holds the record for the longest-running demonic possession on daytime television.[3]


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