"Wake Up With The Schitt's" was a three minute morning television segment inside the universe of Schitt's Creek ("a show within a show"). The show aired for one season, comprising of 8 episodes, until it was cancelled and replaced by a live stream of a Schitt's Creek traffic cam.

It was hosted by Jocelyn and Roland Schitt, who took their three minute time slot to comment on all of the town’s exciting happenings at the moment. The show was filmed on location at W-CR-EEK TV studios and produced and directed by Bill Bobbins.

In reality, the segment took the form of a companion miniseries for the first season of Schitt's Creek, posted on the show's YouTube page.


  • Hosts - Jocelyn Schitt & Roland Schitt
  • Producer - Bill Bobbins
  • Director - Bill Bobbins
  • Camera Operator - Bill Bobbins
  • Production Assistant - Bill Bobbins
  • Lighting Technician - Bill Bobbins
  • Audio Mixer - Bill Bobbins
  • Writer - Jocelyn Schitt
  • Writers Assistant - Roland Schitt
  • Catering - Café Tropical
  • Executive Financer - Bosley Murphy

Special Guests